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Step into a world of bespoke culinary experiences, from private chef services to customized catering, enriching cooking classes and artisan picnic boxes,

All for your epicurean delight.
Indulge in custom menus designed to delight at any gathering. Cure/ate Mallorca

Cure/ate's private dining experiences

Led by Chef Ida Strandlund, we offer bespoke menus crafted with the finest organic, locally-sourced ingredients, tailored to your individual tastes and dietary needs.

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Cure/ate by Ida Strandlund

Local Sourcing

We pride ourselves on supporting local farmers and producers, forging partnerships that go beyond business. By sourcing ingredients from nearby growers, we ensure that each dish tells a story of the region's rich agricultural heritage.

Organic Produce

Embracing the beauty of organic farming, Cure/ate guarantees a commitment to quality. Our dedication to organic produce not only enhances the flavor of our creations but also reflects our responsibility towards the environment.

Seasonal Sensibility

The menus at Cure/ate are a reflection of nature's bounty, changing with the seasons to capture the essence of each harvest. Our commitment to seasonality ensures that you experience the freshest and most flavorful ingredients throughout the year.

Organic Produce

Beyond the kitchen, Cure/ate is deeply rooted in community engagement. We believe in building lasting relationships with local farmers and communities, fostering a sustainable food ecosystem that benefits everyone.

Ida Strandlund's Culinary Craftsmanship

Ida's love for food shines through in every dish. With a background enriched by global influences and a commitment to local ingredients, her creations are a testament to the artistry of cooking.

Discover the heart of cure/ate

Immerse yourself in the exclusive and intimate world of Cure/ate by Ida Strandlund where the art of food meets the essence of delight.

Our culinary journey mirrors the passion and expertise of our owner and private chef, Ida Strandlund.

With a globetrotter's spirit and an insatiable love for gastronomy, Ida has crafted a culinary heaven that transcends borders. 
Celebrate, indulge, or host in style—our private chef service promises an elegant and intimate dining experience for any occasion.
With an unwavering commitment to high quality, organic, locally-sourced, and delectable ingredients, we invite you to savour the flavours of the Mediterranean and beyond.

One plate at the time.

Discover the magic of food with us, where every bite tells a story and every meal is a memory.
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